I have been a free-lance photographer in Bondurant since 2006 but my interest in photography began during my high school years when I worked in the darkroom developing pictures for classmates.  My interest in photography was rekindled as a hobby when I began taking sport action pictures of my son and daughter playing in high school sports.  As I took pictures of them playing in the various sports, I began taking pictures of their team mates and posted them on the web so they could use any of the pictures as they needed.  From there we used these pictures as a fund raiser for the Bondurant-Farrar Athletic Booster Club.

My interest has grown from catching those action shots to capturing those special moments in special times of peoples lives.

I enjoy taking sport action pictures, team and individual pictures for school sports/cheerleading as well as  senior/ family portraits and weddings.  My wife and I work together in making sport posters for the school.